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Department of Biomedical Engineering,  Kings College London, UK

11/2017 - now

Research associate of software engineering of MRI compatible virtual reality. I lead the research and development of MRI compatible virtual reality system at Kings College London. 

National Center for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University, UK

09/2013 - 02/2018


PhD Degree.  I worked on the virtual reality based laparoscopic surgery simulator project.  In this project, I mainly developed a physics based rendering engine, GPU based soft body simulation engine and the develop the VR and haptic based system.

University of Utah, USA

08/2016 - 10/2016


Visiting Scholar 

Tencent(腾讯), Shenzhen

03/2012 - 05/2013

1. Game Graphic Performance Analysis. Description: Find graphic bottleneck for games and provide optimization strategy 

2. Game Engine Programmer. Responsible for the maintenance of self-developed engine and optimize rendering performance

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (电子科技大学)

09/2006 - 07/2013

Bachelor Degree of Applied Mathematics (Rank:  1%, Sichuan Province Excellent Graduate)

Master Degree of Computer Software and Theory (Rank: 5%)


Programming: C, C++, C#

Physics Engine: PhysX, Bullet

Game Engine: Unity, Unreal 3, 4, CryEngine, OGRE

Graphics Programming: OpenGL, DirectX

Computer Vision: Opencv, Python, Tensorflow

GPU Programming: CUDA, GLSL, HLSL

DCC & VFX Tools: Maya, Houdini, Substance Painter/Designer, ZBrush, MudBox, Nuke, After Effect


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