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A Progressive Calibration Gaze Interaction Interface to Enable to Naturalistic fMRI Experiments 
Kun Qian, Tomoki Arichi, A David Edwards, Jo V Hajnal, 
Proceedings of the 29th ISMRM, Vancouver, Canada; 2021.


A Non-Intrusive Eye Tracking Based MRI Compatible VR System
Kun Qian, Tomoki Arichi, Jonathan Eden, Sofia Dall'Orso, Rui Pedro A G Teixeira, Kawal Rhode, Mark Neil, Etienne Burdet, A David Edwards, Jo V Hajnal
Proceedings of the 27th ISMRM, Vancouver, Canada; 2019.

Essential techniques for laparoscopic surgery simulation
Qian, K., et al., 
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 28(2), e1724

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